Hello gorgeous!

I hate to state the obvious but here goes: we grew up in a very busy household.  A bustling household full of women means that we needed a lot of rules. The basic rules included:

•    Don’t touch my stuff
•    Don’t tell mom and dad
•    Don’t cross this line of duct tape

It’s been many years since we all lived under one roof, not to mention the same state, country or continent.  We created this fun baking/blog project to keep us close, even when we’re miles apart.

The gist of this project is this: over the next 12 months each sister has to make/bake/create a designated item in her kitchen each month. Here are the monthly assignments:

May: Cookies                                               November:  Pie
June: Muffins                                              December:  Cake
July: Frozen                                                January:  International
August: Liquid                                           February:  Brownies
September: Breakfast pastry                March:  Cupcakes
October: Bars                                             April:  Bread

Even though we’re all grown up now and most of us even have children of our own, it seems that we still need some rules in order to play nicely together. Today’s basic rules are:

•    You have to make something from the required category, but feel free to stretch each category to your own liking

•    Photos are required of the final product but can also include the baking process

•    Everything does not have to be done from scratch…be creative

•    Post a blog about what you made, why you chose it and why your choice is better than everyone else’s!!  HA!

•    Baking must be done by the last day of the month and posted within 7 days

On your mark…get set…BAKE!

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6 Responses to Hello gorgeous!

  1. Ruth says:

    Ready or not! Here we are!

  2. Gene says:

    this is just the beginning!

  3. Erla says:

    Rock on sisters!

  4. Gene says:

    i love it!

  5. Neve says:

    Maybe we should have started this month – I can’t wait to kick off the fun!

  6. AJM says:

    Sounds like a fun family challenge!

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