Gene’s Frozen July

014I have been waiting all month to make my frozen concoction…Frozen Mojitos!  I was going to go with a straight mojito and just blend it up and then I thought i would add pineapple and then i thought….

As it turns out, the month was quickly coming to an end and i needed to get my “project” finished before i left for vacation.  So, in order to just get it done, i threw everything in the blender and turned it on.    I don’t recommend this approach to the mojito.  Jim asked if i put healthy greens in it because of the color.  He couldn’t even drink it.  I, on the other hand, finished off the entire blender.  yup.  i said it.  I-drank-the-entire-blender-of-mojitos.  what are you gonna do about it?  Tell mom?!  I dare ya….

Here is the finished product.  I must say, this rum was DELICIOUS!!!!!!  Next time i am going to try dark rum with brown sugar.  Thanks for the idea Pat!!


I made up the recipe after reading a bunch online.  Here’s what i did:

Bunch of mint in the bottom of the blender

Three shots of rum plus one for good luck

Three whole fruit frozen Lime bars

Juice of two limes

A bunch of ice

Put it all in and blend it up!

Next time, if i make them frozen again, i will blend everything except for the mint.  I’ll just add that at the end.


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2 Responses to Gene’s Frozen July

  1. Neve says:

    I LOVE this post! It is a bit “jungle juice” looking, and you certainly won’t have any scurvy with all that lime juice.


    I’d best get busy, where’d the month go?!

  2. Neve says:

    I think this counts as a serving of green food – add it to your rainbow!

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