Drunken Watermelon


I’ve had the plan to make a drunken watermelon for my August project for months now. I thought I would make it closer to the end of my month for my birthday, however the sun came out yesterday and a bunch of friends were coming over to spend the day in the park, so it was only natural to fill up a watermelon with vodka for people that would appreciate it.

The idea for drunken watermelon came from this Evite Blog where they have Drunken Watermelon on Tap. If I’d planned ahead and had more time, I might have added the tap, but I most defintely would have carved a picture onto the melon – I love carving watermelons!

Also, with a bit more time I would have read the directions and ingredients – their drunken watermelon has rum and lime juice, whereas I went for straightup vodka.

No more chit chat – let’s get to it:

Tools:                                                          Ingredients:
Sharp knife                                               1 large watermelon
Spoon / scooping device                   1 litre vodka
A couple big bowls

1) Use a knife and trim off just a bit of the stem end of the watermelon in order for it to stand up level.

2) Cut a circle in the the top end of the melon big enough to fit your hand through. Save the top of the melon.

3) Scoop out the insides and set aside in a big bowl. It’s okay to eat some – it’s so good! You may get a lot of juice inside the melon as you are cleaning out the fruit. Simply pour out the liquid into a bowl so you can see what you are doing insode the melon.

4) Once all the insides are scooped out, do your best to remove any remaining seeds from inside the melon.

5) Pour the litre of vodka into the empty melon.

6) Place de-seeded melon into a blender and liquify. Pour the blended liquid through a sieve into a bowl or big, 4-cup measuring cup. You will have pulp remaining the in the sieve which gets thrown out. Continue this process until you have 6 – 8 cups of watermelon juice.

7) Pour 6 cups of watermelon juice into the melon which already containts the vodka. Add more watermelon juice to taste.

8) To serve: Add ice to a glass and laddle the Drunken Watermelon juice into glass. Repeast until watermelon is empty.

Here’s a photomontage of the days events:

Level out bottom of watermelon

Level out bottom of watermelon

Watermelon, sieve, blender - check!

Watermelon, sieve, blender - check!

Add vodka to the melon

Add vodka to the melon

Laddle & serve!

Laddle & serve!

Inside of the melon - with chunks of fruit

Inside of the melon - with chunks of fruit

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One Response to Drunken Watermelon

  1. Gene says:

    Nice! that looks yummy!!! I’ll have to check out the tap idea.

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