Erla’s Liquid August – Sangria

Well, this month has just about gotten away from me and I still have not posted anything.  Liquid was hard for me…I wanted to be creative but what to make?  I thought really hard and here it is……


Warning – this is a difficult recipe….follow the directions carefully!

  • Go to your favorite establishment that sells fine wines
    • We prefer Market Basket in any New Hampshire town/city to avoid the ridiculous sales tax now imposed on delicious alcoholic beverages in Massachusetts
  • Once in the store, you will see a variety of options.  Look closely and choose the one best for you.
So many little time
So many options…so little time


  • You may be lucky and find a coupon too, so look carefully!
  • Purchase your favorite selection along with an orange, a lemon and a lime.  You may also want to purchase a bag of ice
  • Once at home, you need to decide if you are making a pitcher of Sangria or if by the glass is the way to go….I guess it depends on if there is a sister around to indulge with you
  • Anyway, slice the fruit so it can be squeezed into the glass (or pitcher)
  • Now, here is the HARD part…..TWIST off the cap of the Sangria….no need for a cork screw here….just use a bit of elbow grease and TWIST!
  • If you choose to buy the box of Sangria…just follow the directions….a little more difficult but the results are just the same….delicious….

another option

  • Fill your glass with ice, pour the Sangria into the glass, squeeze a little orange, lemon and lime and enjoy!

sangria glass

  • You may get a little excited, but do not do what this man is doing….totally uncivilized!
I don't know who this is not classy!  If no one with a camera was around then - to each his own, but NEVER on film!

I don't know who this is not classy! If no one with a camera was around then - to each his own, but NEVER on film!

  • So anyway…..drink up ladies and gentlemen and don’t forget to tip your waitress!
Buy the big just makes sense!

Buy the big just makes sense!


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4 Responses to Erla’s Liquid August – Sangria

  1. Neve says:

    I love the final picture and caption, “Buy the big bottle, it just makes sense!”. SO FUNNY!

    Well done, Erla xx

  2. Gene says:

    I was going to make sangria too!!!! we are all on the same wave length!!!! now what?!!!!

  3. Gene says:

    awesome post!

  4. Erla says:

    Thank you, thank you very much….(in my Elvis voice)

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