Ok…so i wasn’t able to follow the rules for August.  I did get my creation made…however my camera battery died and i haven’t gotten around to replacing it.  i was going to take a snapshopt of my ‘creation’ with my video camera, but none of the four (yes, four) memory cards that i bought have fit.  Instead of waiting, i just decided to forge ahead.

Now, don’t call mom and say i am a copy cat, but i made sangria too.  And the lesson to be learned here is that there is NO need to mess with Erla’s version.  i had a grand idea to try to make it from scratch.  It was horrible!  I used rioja and rum and lots of yummy fresh fruit.  It looked beautiful but tasted like a dirty tennis ball.  Ok, maybe not that bad but pretty bad.  I think if i had used a wine like grandma’s juice  it would have been perfect!!!  That means we need to get back there and make more!  So, for now…if you want delicious sangria, follow Erla’s recipe.  here’s mine:

One bottle Rioja wine

two shots rum

One shot lime juice

Lots of fresh fruit

Mix and enjoy

Maybe i should have tried the white sangria with Reisling.  Eh, live and learn.  On to the September project!

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2 Responses to Gene

  1. Erla says:

    What a riot! September will be better for everyone 🙂

  2. Neve says:

    Ma’am, are you sure you don’t want the economy size?

    Well done, Gene. Hats off.

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