New baking assignments

The first year of baking here at the Alterego Baking Company is coming to a close. Naturally, where there is an end, there is a new beginning. Our baking assignments have been created for 2010/2011 and this year we’re taking a new approach.  Each month over the past year we had to make a specific item, such as a cake or pie, however this year our focus is on ingredients. This change opens up the process to larger amounts of interpretation – if that’s even possible (no finger pointing here…)!

Ladies, raise your glass of Bollinger: “Here’s to a successful first year. Now, if we could just teach Ruth how to use her computer…!”

Let’s get baking!

May: Mint                                        November:  Pumpkin
June: Lemon                                  December:  Chocolate
July: Berries                                   January:  Coffee
August: Peaches                            February:  Wine
September: Cheese                       March:  Coconut
October: Apples                             April:  Rhubarb

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