Apples in October


We recently had friends over for a bit of an all-American meal: homemade “fried” chicken, mashed potatoes, biscuits and gravy and apple pie and ice cream. The night we decided on the menu and I committed to making apple pie, a neighbour appeared at our door with two huge bags of apples that she had just collected on a weekend in Kent. Amazing how the world works, huh?

With so many apples on hand, I decided to make a couple extra pies to bring in to work. Now, I know I should be careful about sharing my apple pie because, you know, fastest way to a man’s heart and all that…

Alas, in to work I trotted with my two apple pies and I set them in the kitchen. I sent round an ‘All staff’ email to alert everyone to the treats that awaited them. Within minutes I could hear feet pounding on stairs and the clinking of plates and cutlery in the kitchen. I went back down to the kitchen to have a peek at the progress and within 10 minutes of my email going out, the last pieces of pie were being plated and taken away.

I then received multiple skype messages of thanks and praise, a few offers of marriage and one kiss on the cheek.

Apple pie: it never lets me down.

Unfortunately for you, dear reader, the apple pie recipe is going to remain a secret for now. And unfortunately for me, I didn’t take any photos of my pies – shock horror!  Here’s an apple pie from last Thanksgiving.

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