Neve’s non-cheesy September

OK, OK, so I didn’t do a post for September. It’s not because I forgot or was too busy or any of the million other excuses I could list here. I did think about what to do for my cheesy September post and the possibilities included cheese danish, cheese omelet, slice of cheddar cheese on apple pie or just a cheese plate. I do love a cheese plate for dessert.

In the end, the truth is, I’m just not eating that much cheese lately. How boring, I know! I was eating non-fat cottage cheese a lot, which I LOVE, especially for breakfast with a sliced-up nectarine and some seed mix all stirred up in a big bowl – YUM! However I realised that although the protein was good for me, the dairy probably not-so-much.

Instead of me continuing to over-share here about the absence of cheese in my diet, I thought I would post pictures of some savoury mini-pies I made last year (i love mini-pies!) I could have posted them as if I made them specifically for September’s project, but I just wouldn’t be able to live with that untruth. Enjoy!

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