Coffee & Wine


I’ve been baking but I’m definitely behind on my blogging. That said, I haven’t been baking my assignments, please forgive me.

January’s assignment was coffee and although I didn’t bake anything with coffee in it, I did drink some coffee. Ok, so this doesn’t sound like huge feat but the thing is, I don’t drink coffee. Coffee makes me feel a little high and dizzy. I’m sure it’s all psychological and in fact I wish I did drink coffee. I want to drink coffee on a sidewalk cafe in Paris as I sit and watch the people go by. Instead I drink champagne while I do this, which is not a bad substitute.  However there’s something romantic about coffee. Maybe it’s some kind of cliche. Maybe not. I’ll ponder this over a cup of tea.

…and for my next blogging failure, I didn’t make anything with wine in February except for some new friends and a few hangovers. I drank some gorgeous wine in February and I bought wine in Paris in February. Does any of this count?!

The photos aren’t great but here are my amazing wines from February:

..and now a toast to better blogging behaviour going forward – santé!

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