New Baking Assignments

The second year of baking here at the Alterego Baking Company is coming to a close, and thankfully we all want to continue on this challenge.

Our baking assignments have been created for 2011/2012 and this year we’re taking a new approach.  This year we are changing the strategy again!!  We now have to bake something that is or prominently includes a certain color. This challenge again is open to interpretation…..Sisters are you ready?

Ladies, raise your glass of what ever you have handy: “Here’s to a successful second year and a promising third. Now that Ruth knows how to use her camera and her computer, we just have to get her to spend some time in the kitchen!!”

Let’s get baking!

May: Blue                                                                   November:  Tan/brown
June: Pink                                                                 December: Red and/or Green
July: Red/White/Blue                                          January: White
August: Purple                                                         February: Red and/or white
September: Gold                                                     March: Green
October: Orange and/or Black                          April: Yellow

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