Erla’s Gold September – Sunflower Cupcakes

Yes, I know I have not posted purple for August but I will get to that one day soon…

As for September, we are going to start with the pictures:

The beginning - tools, cookies, gold and green frosting & cupcakes!

Fudge Stripe Cookies make the flower centers

To make ladybugs, use a red M&M and make spots and eyes with black icing
  • Bake your favorite cake mix according to the directions on the box
  • Use green liners for your cupcakes (or any color you have available!)
  • Bake as directed then cool
  • Put a layer of green (or white) frosting on the cupcakes
  • Put the cookie stripe down in the center – you can also use Oreos or mini Oreos if you want to have more than one blossom on the cupcake
  • Pipe a few green leaves on to the cupcake then fill in with gold leaves
  • Complete the cupcakes with a few ladybugs made from red M&Ms

Design adapted from Hello, Cupcake.  This is an awesome book if you love to decorate cakes!!

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