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Erla’s August – Dates wrapped in Bacon

Hello?!….hello?!….it seems that my sister’s have lost their way into the kitchen!  I wonder where they went?  Anyway, August was great and busy so this was the perfect recipe for me. Ingredients: 1 16-ounce package of bacon (regular thickness-not thick … Continue reading

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Erla’s C – Cauliflower Grits – (July)

Ingredients: 4 cups cauliflower (riced) 1 cup almond meal 3 cups chicken stock salt and pepper to taste How to: Combine all ingredients in a large pan over medium heat Cover and reduce heat for 20 minutes, stirring every 5 … Continue reading

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Erla’s B (June) – Biscuits and Gravy (Paleo)

Paleo Biscuits 1/2 cup coconut flour 1/4 cup almond flour 1/2 tsp salt (I omitted) 1 tsp baking powder 1 tbsp coconut oil 6 egg whites a little coconut oil Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Grease up 6 cups … Continue reading

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Erla’s A – Apricot Brownies (May)

Ingredients: 1 cup coconut cream concentrate 3 eggs 1/2 cup raw organic honey 1/2 cup fresh apricots, diced 1/4 cup organic cocoa powder 1 tbsp cinnamon 2 tsp vanilla extract 1/2 tsp baking soda 1/4 tsp salt Process: Preheat oven … Continue reading

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Erla’s October — Avocado Chocolate Pudding

I am pretty sure that I have not already posted this but….if I did, I just can’t help myself!  When you eat Paleo, you need a yummy snack and this just takes the cake (pardon the pun)!!!! Banana Avocado Chocolate … Continue reading

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Erla’s Red Velvet Cupcakes (February)

As soon as I saw this recipe, I knew that I had to try it! Ingredients: 2 1/2 cups grated beets 1 Cup of Agave Nectar 4 Eggs 1/2 cup Grapeseed Oil 1 Tablespoon Vanilla Extract 1/2 Teaspoon Almond Extract … Continue reading

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Erla’s ABC Tattoo!

I love my sisters and I love to bake, so this only seemed fitting! There is still more to add and I will update as I do. Special thanks to my husband for the great work! Now, back to … Continue reading

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