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Alphabet cookies with blue icing

Neve: Last Christmas I received alphabet cookie cutters from my work Secret Santa. To be honest, they weren’t so much cookie cutters but rather a play dough set for children. Either way, it was a perfect gift and I eagerly … Continue reading

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Coffee & Wine

Neve: I’ve been baking but I’m definitely behind on my blogging. That said, I haven’t been baking my assignments, please forgive me. January’s assignment was coffee and although I didn’t bake anything with coffee in it, I did drink some … Continue reading

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Red Velvet Cupcakes

Neve: There’s not much mystery behind why I made Red Velvet cupcakes in February…Valentine’s Day, of course! I love the look of a Red Velvet layer cake but I hadn’t made cupcakes in a while, so I passed up the … Continue reading

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Deep Chocolate Layer Cake

Neve: I’m a loyal person. Once I find a recipe (or person, place or thing!) I really like, it’s rare that I stray from it. This is the chocolate cake to which I have devoted myself. I served it up … Continue reading

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Neve’s Pumpkin Pie

Neve: There’s little guess work involved when it’s November and the assignment is pumpkin. There’s only one option for me and that’s pumpkin pie. I actually made six pumpkin pies this month – SIX! It would have been five but … Continue reading

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Aunt Peg’s Pecan Pie

Neve: I think my pecan pies are the favourite of friends, family and co-workers. People rave about them all year round but I only make them in the fall to make sure I keep everyone wanting more a.k.a ‘treat ’em … Continue reading

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German Chocolate Cupcakes

Neve: I’ve decided that, in addition to my monthly Alterego assignments, I’m going to start posting my other baking adventures as well. Why? Because I bake a lot and it seems a waste to not post about them. Simples! On … Continue reading

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